Ways to Implement Digital Transformation Successfully


Today’s pandemic revealed that companies that are highly invested in innovations reap the benefits of digital transformation. Thus, they were able to continue their business operation amidst the crisis.

Moreover, the new normal proved to the traditional businesses the disadvantage of the skepticism they have attained on the digital ecosystem. Importantly, businesses today leverage digital technologies to secure the survival of the business.

Here are ways to make your digital transformation successful:

1. Empower your IT team

The Information Technology team has an essential role to play in driving your business to go digital. An empowered and well-supported team can attribute significantly in making digital implementations successful.

Aside from management support, it is also important to take note that skillsets are significant.

“Leveraging digital talent, a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) who has proven transformation experience, and a core digital team comprising diverse competencies and an entrepreneurial spirit are key,” Forbes report stated.

2. Create a test-and-learn environment

Like any other improvement, companies should consider the opportunity of failing barriers.

“We recommend that companies strive for a test-and-learn environment that supports hypothesis-driven experimentation with a rapid turnaround,” the report said.

3. Gathered great ideas

Great ideas are generated during the interim. These can be gathered externally and internally. With a great team and environment, there are no doubts that you can come up with out-of-the-box ideas. Not to mention, leading companies carry out events and adapt tools to encourage employees to pitch ideas.

There’s no one size to fit for all companies when implementing a digitalized ecosystem. Hence, Digital transformation will not be successful without creative initiatives.

4. Set a long-term plan

Digital innovation entails a long-term plan to be sustainable. CIOs know the importance of thinking about the state of the company 5-10 years after implementing a digital shift. Companies should take into account that if they adopt a new system, would they be able to operate amidst the fast-changing technological innovations?

Most importantly, your IT head should consider to come up with a sustainable solution rather than a band-aid one. Do not buy IT investments that will be useless once the pandemic is over. Accordingly, build a friendly digital environment. Some companies have developed a lot of automation and systems but build them unsystematically. Hence, the fragmentation leads to business disruption making it more costly for companies.

The Importance of Digital Transformation in Today’s New Normal

Companies that implemented a digital shift before the pandemic has reaped off the benefits of technological innovations. Despite the crisis, they were able to continue the business. Distant working does not hinder them from collaborating. Successful implementation means that digital innovation fits the business operations of the company. The balance between data security and accessibility is manifested.


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