Digital Marketing: Customer Experience is the Key


In the digital world, people are more interested in reading customer experience rather than the company’s marketing ads. Thus, digital marketers are recommended to focus on promoting customers’ stories. Customers are credible because they are relatable to many.

Experiences from customers do not only promote your products and services. It also builds trust and relationships with entrepreneurs. More importantly, feedback examines the value of the business.

To create a customer experience successfully, entrepreneurs should consider the following ways:

  • Media Briefings

Providing media briefings about your conversation with your clients can help increase the awareness of people.

“Setting up interviews between your customer and industry journalists to provide real-world anecdotes for articles can earn tremendous credibility and visibility for your brand,” Entrepreneur reported.

  • Case Studies

Case studies produce lead and demand because customer stories are obviously relatable for many. To make the story more valuable, you can create a video wherein your products made an impact on the life of the customer. It is more interesting when customers’ problems were addressed using your product.

  • Online reviews

Online reviews are the most common type of strategy where people can share their customer experience. For e-commerce, online reviews and ratings from customers are the basis of the credibility of the store.

  • Press Releases

If you will be promoting a new brand or event, integrate successful stories from your customers. Doing this will increase your engagement towards a wider audience and potential customers.

  • Joint Presentation

Partnership presentations will help you bring customer experience differently. An interactive approach makes your message to be conveyed effectively since this is a unique way to promote customer experience.

  • Awards

Awards are deemed to be a consolation prize for one’s hard work. It validates the entrepreneur’s effort and increases company credibility.

“Award recognitions provide third-party validation that can help create competitive differentiators, strengthen reputation and generate publicity,” Entrepreneur report stated.


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