Doing a Minimal Viable Preparation to Meet Deadlines


When you are thinking and doing a lot of things, doing minimal viable preparation for deadlines has been taken for granted. Like for today’s instance, people who work from home are experiencing struggles of beating their deadlines. Here are some tips that you can consider in making minimal and viable preparation for your deadlines.

Tips in Doing Minimal Viable Preparation

When you are used to an office environment to pump your productivity, being confined in your house due to the ongoing lockdowns makes it difficult for you to submit your work. Check out some tips that will be helpful for you to beat your deadlines easily.

  • Assess the things you need

Assessing the things you need for your work will help you to beat deadlines easily. It is important to take note of every detail of the work that your boss wants you to do to avoid errors an unfavorable remarks. Plus, you should clarify things further if you have not understood it. By doing this, you can start to plan out the steps that you need to accomplish your work.

  • Create a project plan/ timeline

Doing a project plan/ timeline of your projects helps you to organize and be mindful of the work you are doing. It is important to break the task down into smaller components and create deadlines for each. This will help you to manage your time efficiently.

Even more, creating a project plan can also be helpful when your boss will ask you updates regarding your work. Bear in mind to save your project plan/timeline on cloud storage for easier access. Plus, you can share this with your bosses so that they don’t need to keep on micromanaging you regarding, especially now that you are working from your respective homes.

What’s nice in doing the project plan/ timeline, you can edit it and update it with your boss once problems come your way.

  • Use mobile apps to remind you about your deadlines

Using mobile apps for managing your work and its deadlines is better than writing it your sticky notes or in your notebook. Through your smartphones, these helpful apps can remind you minutes or days before your deadlines. It is easier to access your project plan and work documents because they can be found on your mobile phones. Ideally, you can use Google Calendar, Microsoft To-do, and Microsoft Planner. Some platforms like Microsoft enable their apps to be synchronized with each other for user’s convenience.

  • Create a visually reward progress

Creating visually reward progress is not limited to children. This can be beneficial for working adults too. By creating checklists of the things you need to accomplish per day or week, you will be able to feel a fulfillment once you have finished it all. You can create deals with yourself whenever you succeed in doing your weekly tasks. Like if you have finished the workloads you need to do weekly, you can treat yourself with your favorite lunch during the weekends.

Small Progress is Still a Progress

Preparation is small progress that you do in order to accomplish a work being assigned to you. People who used to beat their deadlines have created a system that help them to do their tasks as easy and efficient as possible. With minimal and viable preparation, you will be able to achieve more. Keep in mind the quote of Benjamin Franklin, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.


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