Basic Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses


In today’s digital age and with the ongoing pandemic, businesses that pivoted digitally have reap of the benefits of investing in social media marketing. Social media platforms innovated their features to help entrepreneurs thrive amidst the effects of COVID-19. Here are great basic social media marketing tips for businesses

Know your goals

In every step that businesses should consider, they should be clear on what goals they want to attain. Implementing social media marketing because your competitors are doing it is not enough reason to do the same.

Goals such as to increase sales, boosting brand awareness, improving website traffic, and expansion of audience are examples that businesses can consider. Further, once you already identified the goal of implementing social media, you can decide the next steps that should be taken. Keep in mind that metrics must align with the marketing goals.

Understand which social media platforms to consider

One of the basic social media marketing tips for businesses is to understand what social media platforms to consider. Before considering which platforms to choose, determine first your target audience together with your reasons on why you implement social media marketing.

Remember that social media platforms attain different strengths for marketing. For example, if you want to attract youth to be health conscious through visuals, Instagram is ideal for it.

Create a content strategy

survey revealed that 46% of consumers would like to follow brands and businesses that create inspirational content. Identifying what content to create matters.  

Respectively, when you already found out what content to consider. Strategies like when to post the contents and how to create them will be the next thing to take.

Keep in mind that your content should be correlated and will help your audience understand the messages you like to convey.

Also, you should consider strategies on how to make your content engaging. Having said that, the next tip that businesses to consider for social media marketing is ensuring that contents are engaging.

Make engaging contents

Why is it important to create engaging content? These can help you pull people with the same interest making your audience wider. Not to mention, engaging content will also increase the engagement of your social media accounts.

When a lot of people love to engage in your content, it is more likely that people will find your business relevant.

All these basic social media marketing tips help businesses to capture more business growth and opportunities amidst the challenges brought by COVID-19.


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