• Company.ch sold for $24,476

The top sale last June 1, 2020 was Company.ch sold for $24,476 at Sedo. 

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Domains ranked based on Price Sold. (As of 06/01/2020)

Domains [SOLD]PriceDatePlatform
company.ch24,476 USD2020-06-01Sedo
joggers.com23,020 USD2020-06-01NameJet
uchat.com17,416 USD2020-06-01GoDaddy
ketomix.com11,126 USD2020-06-01Sedo
xefi.com9,900 USD2020-06-01GoDaddy
toolpay.com8,000 USD2020-06-01Sedo
smartpages.com7,519 USD2020-06-01NameJet
logistics.ai5,006 USD2020-06-01Whois.ai
sizer.com5,000 USD2020-06-01NameJet
signaturestaff.com4,888 USD2020-06-01BuyDomains
eanalyzer.com4,588 USD2020-06-01BuyDomains
j26.com4,551 USD2020-06-01GoDaddy
tvgasm.com4,494 USD2020-06-01GoDaddy
oneshot.org4,388 USD2020-06-01BuyDomains
splore.org4,150 USD2020-06-01GoDaddy
abouttheshow.com4,088 USD2020-06-01BuyDomains
steve.ai4,009 USD2020-06-01Whois.ai
transact.org3,801 USD2020-06-01NameJet
mbacourse.com3,600 USD2020-06-01GoDaddy
uate.com3,588 USD2020-06-01BuyDomains
demano.com3,422 USD2020-06-01BuyDomains
sm.ai3,384 USD2020-06-01Whois.ai
altiusdirectory.com3,383 USD2020-06-01GoDaddy
pcweek.com3,350 USD2020-06-01GoDaddy
chatbots.ai2,999 USD2020-06-01Whois.ai

Note: That these domain sales report are from 06/01/2020 that have been reported today 06/03/2020. Not ALL high value domain sales are listed since many of the sales are kept private by the sellers and buyers.